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James Hoyle passed his driving test with Chris Blake I would completely recommend learning with Chris to anyone.

The idea of driving always intimidated me a little, but Chris was patient, calm and a genuinely good teacher. He presents every driving technique in a clear, understandable way and ensures that all areas are covered before sending you into the test. With his help, I passed my test on the first attempt after only 30 hours of tuition, and I fully intend to take Pass Plus with Chris as well.

James Hoyle


Chris is very thorough with his driving lesson tuition and very hardworking, he always makes sure you are well prepared and safe on the road and will even go the extra mile of getting the maps and pictures of tricky junctions and roads for his pupils to practice.
Akua Boahene from Hadley


The Leigh Brothers from Priorslee"Chris has taught all four of my sons. Two passed first time, the other two passed second time. He was always reliable, consistent and had a planned approach to every lesson. He would be flexible with pickup points and went several times to Wolverhampton to pick up my sons from school there. He offered a hands-on approach to helping with their theory test offering some free time to help them pass.

I would describe his technique as realistic rather than idealistic and a great ability to relate to young people.  Chris has a card machine for easy payment, a very useful facility that I’ve never heard of any other instructor having. He would also always send a reminder text for every lesson.

I have recommended him to many of my friends and colleagues."
Alison Leigh from Priorslee


I started lessons with Chris during late summer and I really thought I would always be a learner driver! However Chris worked me hard and every lesson was challenging. The assessment booklet he marked each lesson kept me informed of which areas I was doing well in and which I needed to work on.  He was patient and understanding with me (although thinking back he must have had a few moments when he was exasperated by me!) however in November I passed first time! This wouldn’t of happened if he hadn’t been so good at his job!  

Sam Harper from Albrighton and Ben Humphries from ShifnalAfter that, I thought I should also do the Pass Plus with Chris – this for me was a great experience as I needed someone to “show me the ropes” whilst motorway driving – this is definitely well worth the money!  

Chris has not only been my instructor but also my friend/mentor whilst learning to drive and that made the difference for me.
Sam Harper from Albrighton

Chris was recommended to me by one of my friends from sixth form. He is a brilliant driving instructor. It may be a bit more per hour to pay for Chris than some of the cheaper instructors, but it is worth it. He got me ready for my test in just 24 hours of lessons, when i was expecting to have more. I would recommend him to anyone learning to drive.
Ben Humphries from Shifnal


Trudie Thomas when she passed her test while learning with Chris Blake Driving SchoolI learnt to drive with Chris Blake ten years ago, I found the training that Chris gave me invaluable and to this day I still implement the skills and tools he taught me to my driving.

My son, Jordan, has recently passed his driving test under Chris's tuition, we both found him to be very supportive and consistent in his method of teaching. I would highly recommend Chris.......
Trudie Thomas from Shifnal (pictured right)


Trudie Thomas when she passed her test while learning with Chris Blake Driving SchoolI think Chris is a great instructor. I would highly recommend him, especially as I've just passed first time with only one minor fault. He also taught my brother and he passed first time too!
Charlotte Pendrill from Ackleton - pictured left

I was recommended to Chris by a family friend and what a great recommendation it was as well. The tuition Chris provided throughout my lessons was excellent with both detailed and supportive advice on how to both pass the theory and practical exam. Passing my test first time with only two minors is reflective of how Chris always make's sure his student's are ready to take their test.....
Dan from Shifnal


The Jessup family when they passed their tests while learning with Chris Blake Driving SchoolThe Jessup Family from Apley, Telford passed between 2015 and 2017. The boys passed first time and Anna second time. They have all done the PASS PLUS too and are enjoying the freedom of driving alone.
The Jessup Family from Apley (pictured right)

"I was recommended to Chris by a family member, and I am glad that I took her advice. I managed to pass my test within 2 months, with about 26 hours of tuition and I was never charged more than was required or given lessons that weren't useful. I would recommend him to my friends."......
Dave from Shifnal

"I had previously taken four driving tests and was now in a desperate need to pass. I decided to turn to Chris Blake as a previous neighbour had been taught by him and I thought a change might be good. He booked me in for a test two weeks later and I passed with ONE minor. Many Thanks Chris. ......
Rachael from Bridgnorth


All of the pupils above have given their permission to put their comments and photos on my web site and they are willing to speak to anyone who feels this would be of benefit.


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Driving Schools in Telford, Driving Schools in Shifnal, Learn to Drive with Chris Blake